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Vixen vid
a hip hop honey or video girl 2 ) is a female model often a black woman, Latina or a racially ambiguous woman who appears in hip-hop -oriented music videos.

3 4, the video vixen image has become a staple and a nuanced form of sex work within popular music, especially within the genre of hip-hop.

5, many video vixens are aspiring actors, singers, dancers, or professional models.

6, women from various cultures have been portrayed either as fragile, manipulative, fetishistic, or submissive within contemporary music lyrics, videos, concert and movie soundtracks, 7 although this is not universal, as demonstrated by the archetypal ride-or-die chick.

Contents, social aspect edit, the work of video vixens and their portrayal in music videos have drawn criticism.

Critics suggest that music-video models are typically placed in subordinate and submissive roles while male artists are shown in positions of power.

8 9 Others argue that music-video models are depicted as sexual objects, signs of male power, and referred to in derogatory terms such as " bitch " and " slut ".

In 2004, Nelly 's video for his song " Tip Drill " came under particular criticism for its depiction and sexual objectification of women.

13 14 While some people pointed out that the women who appeared in Nelly's video voluntarily chose to participate, 15 others insisted that male rappers continue to sexually objectify hip hop models 9 while denying that the hip hop.

16 In 2005, former hip hop music-video model Karrine Steffans authored the book Confessions of a Video Vixen, in which she depicts the degradation of women in the world of hip hop.

The book's publisher describes it as "part tell-all, part cautionary tale".

17 The book went on to be a best seller in the.

18 Another hip hop model, Candace Smith, said in an XXL interview, "what I've seen on hip hop music video sets is complete degradation".

19 Female rappers as video vixens edit Female rappers have most substantially felt this pressure, where sex appeal is now the currency by which women in the music business are both valued and devalued.

Citation needed In particular, female rappers such as Lil' Kim and Trina occupy what.
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