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Mom son vids

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Mom son vids
no rules.

Yeah, I rule my own house and I'll tell you what I'll do (ha!).

First, I'll grab some milk; drink straight from the jug.

Then grab a sandwich, eat it butt-naked on the rug.

All these whack fruit snacks with only five in a pack.

"Only eat one, young man" F*K that!

I'll snack 'til I yack!, no more parents!

Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain't no fool.

No more bath time!

And if I feel like it, I will crap on the rug.

Livin' on my own; most fun I've ever had.

I'm eatin' cookies for breakfast 'cause I don't give a f*k.

Shoot your squirties in the air and scream parents suck!, my parents ain't around to tell me what I can't say, so I yell "f*k" "s*t" and "darn" every day.

My parents ain't around to tell me what to do, so I leave the door open while I take a big poo.

My parents ain't around to make me mow the lawn, instead I'll watch dirty vids with the volume.

My parents ain't around to say I can't watch certain flicks.

They didn't let me watch Bambi, what a bunch of dicks!, no more parents!

And if we feel like it, we will crap on the rug.

Finally I can wear my skanky top that I had.
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